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Lower Cholesterol Diet

Diet Plans and Resources for High Cholesterol, With Video Explanations

Your Self-Guided Nutrition Solution to Lower Cholesterol in just 8 weeks

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"After a month (well technically 3 weeks) lost 4kg and my cholesterol had dropped to probably the lowest in a long time. So much even my GP was impressed."
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"I struggled to reduce my weight and to control my cholesterol for years. In just 3 weeks I started noticing the difference. I am happy healthy and feel more confident now."
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"Choosing the Cardexin program for my high cholesterol was a no-brainer thanks to its convenience. The practical meal plan and clear video explanations made it simple to follow. Highly recommended."

Mike O'Sullivan 
Senior Clinical Dietitian & Bioscientist

NCertEng, Cert IV Fitness, Bsc (hon) App BioSci, MNut APD AN

Qualifications & Affiliations:

  • Bachelor Degree Food Science & Technology

  • Bachelor Degree (Honours) Applied Biosciences

  • Masters Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics

  • Certificate III IV in Fitness

  • Member of Dietitians Association of Australia

  • Member of Fitness Australia

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
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What is included

What Is Included

Get access to all of these immediately after purchase straight to your email

Cholesterol Lowering Diet Plans

Personalised nutrition plans for cholesterol lowering.

In-Clinic Video Experience

Access to informative videos providing professional advice.


Nutritious and delicious meal recipes for healthy eating for all the family.

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Advice Summaries 

Concise summaries of key nutritional advice and tips.

Maintenance Advice 

Guidance on sustaining healthy habits beyond the program duration.

Food Brand List 

Recommendations for trusted food brands for healthier choices.

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Naturally Lower

Your Cholesterol

Convenient Program -

Efficient for Busy Lives

Affordable Health Improvements

Expert Diet Explanation Videos

  • Nutrition as Medicine for High Cholesterol

  • Knowledge Combined With Experience

  • Clear, Simplified, and Practical

  • Take Control of Your Cholesterol Naturally

  • The Right Diet Is The Solution 

  • Get To The Root Cause 

  • Self-Guided, Affordable & Effective 

  • In-Clinic Video Experience 

Get Now For Only $49

  • What is the Cardexin Program?
    The Cardexin Program is a comprehensive, self-guided nutrition solution designed to help individuals reduce cholesterol levels and improve heart health. Led by senior dietitian & bioscientist Mike O'Sullivan, the program offers personalised meal plans, informative videos, and supportive resources to guide you through an 8-week journey towards better health.
  • How does the program work?
    After purchasing the Cardexin Program, you gain immediate access to a cholesterol lowering meal plan, clinical educational videos, recipes, and supportive resources, all sent immediately to your email. You can explore the materials and start at your own pace.
  • Who is the program for?
    The Cardexin Program is suitable for individuals looking to lower their cholesterol levels naturally and improve heart health in a convenient, affordable way.
  • Is the program suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or allergies?
    The cardexin programs will have a meal plan for vegetarians but for those that have any intolerances or allergies, it would be best to consult directly with Mike O'Sullivan for more personalisation.
  • How do I access the program materials?
    Immediately after purchase you will receive an email that will contain a download link and from here you can access all the Cardexin material.
  • When should I check my cholesterol level again after starting the program?
    This is a decision for you and your GP. It is reccomenend to follow the Cardexin program for at least 8 weeks.
  • Are there any additional costs or hidden fees?
    If you choose to use some natural supplementation advised in the program they are an added cost at your pharmacy.
  • What if I want more personalised support?
    You can book in a telehealth consultation with Mike anytime and booking can be done simply on this website.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    Once the Cardexin program is purchased you will receive it immediately and is non-refundable.
  • Can the Cardexin Program replace advice from my doctor?
    No. The Cardexin Program is designed to give general advice and guidance on naturally lower cholesterol using nutrition as medicine but is not to replace your healthcare practitioner's advice.
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